Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Biz Advance Now Loans from regular business loans?

You can apply for Biz Advance Now Loans in a couple of minutes and will get a prompt answer from our customer service representatives. The application is entirely online, and funds are often available the same business day. Traditionally, company loans are calculated using an annual percentage rate plus additional fees and levies. The Biz Advance Now Business Loan specifies the entire amount due upfront, including any applicable interest, fees, or penalties, and then breaks it down into daily, weekly, or fortnightly payback amounts.

What can i use my loan for?

We are completely devoted to helping small businesses in obtaining the capital they need to expand. Our quick, flexible finance may be used for company upgrades, marketing, inventory purchases, new equipment purchases, and basic working capital needs, among other things. It’s essentially unlocked for anything you need it for.

How much can i loan?

The entire amount of your loan will be determined by your business’s unique circumstances. The Biz Advance Now platform evaluates a range of indicators to ascertain your business’s health. 

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